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Seamlok Machine


U-470 Roll Forming Machine Profile



0.4 mm Minimum Thickness, 0.7mm Maximum Thicknes

0.5mm is for inspection.

Feeding width:600mm

Galvalume coil, PPGI,G345

3Ton X 600mm Hydraulic De-Coiler

Hydraulic system for expansion coil-inner-hole with 4 palms

Link-connect expanding system

Pump power=1.5KW

Drag off turning type

Load capacity=3 TonCoil Inner – diameter =470-540 mm

Coil outer-diameter=Max.1300 mm

Coiler Width=Max.600 mm

Hand cut off wheel


Entry roll to support the sheet pass in

Hand cut-off to cut off the end of the final piece of sheet



Roll forming machine

Feeding guide

Gear/Sprocket driving

16-step to form profile

Wall-plate-welding frame for strong purpose

Rollers manufactured from Cr12MoV, hard Chrome Coating

Diameter of shaft=ф75mmPrecision Machined

Main motor =7.5 KW, Frequency speed control

Forming speedMax. 15m/min

Guarding cover around the moving parts for safety


Hydraulic Post Cut-off 

Stop to cut, Post cut, cutting with slugs

Total one pairs of cutting tool

Cutting tool material: Cr12, Heat treatment Pump motor =4KW


PLC Control System

Control the quantity & cutting length automatically;

PLC, Touch Screen 



Cut-to-length tolerance≤±2 mm

Control voltage 24V


Product Rack    3 units




Electric Lock-Seaming Machine <220V/single phase>    ONE SET


Hand Seaming-Edge Pincers                        TWO SETS




Sliding Clips - for option reference



Glue Machine(for option)


规格SpecificationPress 285mm diameter bucket, suitable for 5 gallon

双立柱升降Pneumatic double pillar to raise/ fall

主要参数;Main parameters

胶泵压力比glue and pump pressure ratio 68:1

使用空气压力air pressure 4 ~ 6 Bar

使用粘度:厘泊(cp)以下:Usage stickiness 8×105 cp

一往复自由排量up/down flow: 0.22 L

无负载每分钟最多往复次数 60 : up/down times without load: 60 times/minute

重量 115 公斤: weight 115KGS

配置: Equipped with:

主机胶泵带小压盘 1 / main machine with small press platen, 1 Lot

双立柱气动升降机 1 / Pneumatic double pillar to raise/ fall, 1 Lot

胶泵气压调压阀 1 /  Pressure adjustment valve, 1 lot

升降机气控升降切换阀 1 / valve for switching up or down, 1 lot

高压胶管 附细管软管 1 / high pressure hose, 1 lot

自动打胶枪附加长胶咀 1 / glue mouth, 1 lot

接头及装配附件 1 / Connector with accessories, 1 set

胶水客户需要另外购买:Customer need to buy TB-666 butyl -radical’s Sealant to match this glue machine


Why choose to use glue machine for Seamlok profile?

Because sealant(we say glue) used for water proof in roofing system, 

some users take this to raise their product more competitiveness in the market 

so that use glue machine and stick the sealant in the female side of profile