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C/Z Interchangeable Machine



Process layout:  

De-coiler--Entry guide--Leveler--Pre-punch/Pre-cut--Roll forming machine---Post cut-off--Rack


Profile for C and Z with punching details:


Machine Components

5T x 600 De-coiler

Manually expand the de-coiler palms

Coil inner hole range from 470-540mm

De-coiler load capacity:Max.5Tons

De-coiler load coil width:Max.600mm

De-coiler run in drag off type




Feeding guide/Leveler

Feeding guide with variable width
Leveling rolls with 3 or 4 on top/4 or 3 on bottom

Leveling rolls with power by chain transmission



Hydraulic pre-punch/pre-cut 

First punch: for single hole on the web

Second punch: for double holes on the web, hole distance adjustable

Third punch: for single hole on each flange 

Hydraulic power pack: 7.5KW-11KW 

Pre-cutting function-1: for cutting-off sheet end  

Pre-cutting function-2: for cut-to-length when in pre-punch/pre-cut running mode  




Roll forming machine

Total 16 stations to form C/Z profiles

Lip forming part, both frame sides are moveable, 

moving by hand drive  or by motor drive on screw

Web forming part, one frame side is fixed, the other side is moveable, 

moving by hand drive  or by motor drive on screw

All moving parts are with pointer and gauge in mm.



Regulate stations and feeding out stations locate last before post-cutting off machine, for adjusting profile sheet straight.
Shaft diameter: 75mm, precision milling and hard chrome coating

Roller material:Cr12MoV, heat treatment

Main drive: 22 KW, frequency speed control

Forming speed: 0-20mpm
Base: Heavy H beam welding

Frame: Plate welded and moveable on the bottom linear rails.

Machine length: 11.5 meters



C-to C or Z to Z Size change operation options:

(1). Screw Hand drive--------8-10 minutes to finish size change


 (2). Motor Jogging drive----3-5 minutes to finish size change 

 (3). Motor PLC drive---------2-3 minutes to finish size  


C to Z or Z to C change operation:180° rotate idler roll handles on each station. 

10 minutes to finish C/Z change.


Post cut-off 

Universal cut-off machine design to cut any size with the C80-300/Z120-300

Cutting blade adjustment by screw handle manually

Stop to cut-off and cutting with slugs.

Post cutt-off is recommended to use when sheet running without pre-punch 


Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulic power pack: 7.5-11KW.(share the same as pre-punch power pack)

Hydraulic tank contains 150L oil

Power pack with cooling fan

Solenoid valve: Beijing Huade Brand


PLC Control System

PLC/Touch screen



Control Valtage:24V

Cut-to-length tolerance:+/-2mm

Electric Standard: 220 or 380 or 415 or 440 or 600v/50 or 60 Hz/3Ph

Control mode recommend:

(1). pre-punch/pre-cut-off

(2). post cut-off(without pre-punch)