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Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine




WW51-315-945 Floor Decking Profile


Thickness: 0.8-1.2mm1.0mm as inspection 

 Effective width:945+/-6mm

 Feeding width:1219mm 

 Galvanized Coil, Yield Strength:350mpa

5TX1250mm Hydraulic De-coiler

Expansion pattern: hydraulic power, pump motor power:3.0kw;

Frequency variation to control speed change,motor power:3.0kw;

Maximum turning linear speed can achieve 25m/min (when coil becomes smallest)

Wedge-type expansion system

Load capacity = Max.5Tons

Inner-diameter range= 510±30 mm




Hydraulic pre-shearing assembly

To cut off the end of the final piece of sheet only

PLC control system remind the cut off when one order to be completed, to avoid waste material

Manual operation

Share the same hydraulic system with post cutting device

Only used for cutting end of sheet 



Roll forming machine

Feeding section with guide;

Gear/Sprocket driving;
26-stations to form;Steel plate welding frame

Rollers manufactured from Cr12MoV, hard Chrome Coated

Diameter of shaft=ф95mm;

Main motor =11KW X 2, Frequency speed control;

Forming speed:Approx.12m/min

Guarding cover for safety


Hydraulic Post Cut-off

Stop to cut, Post cut, Slug cutting

Hydraulic pack, Pump motor =5.5KW

Cutting tool material: Cr12, Heat treatment


Product Rack     3 units


PLC Control System

PLC, Touch Screen,


Encoder, etc

Cut-to-length tolerance≤±2 mm

Control Voltage 24V