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Simple Slitting-Recoiler



            Thickness: 0.3-1.2 mm

       Feeding width: 1250mm

       Yield strength:245mpa-550mpa


Machine Components 

5 Ton X1250mm De-coiler(Drag off) 

      Load capacity = Max.5Tons, manual expand coil

      Coil Inner-diameter= 470-560mm

      Coil Outer-diameter= Max. 1250mm

Leveling/slitting/shearing machine

        Feeding Section with guide device

        Straightening Device with 4 over 3 shafts to remove the Coil-set

        Powered feeding roller with driving motor

        Motor: 3KW, Frequency Inverter to regulate speed, slitting speed:10m/min

        Total 4sets of slitting tools, Max 5 trips at one time (One more set of slitting rollers as spare)

        Slitting width is based on the seats of the slitting tools on the shaft, manual control

        The min. slitting width between two pieces of tools is 100mm

        The min. slitting width at edge is40mm

        Cutting tool material: Cr12MOV, Heat treatment

        Hydraulic cutting for the requirement when needed

        Working width: MAX.1250mm

        Work thickness: 0.3mm -1.2mm

        Safety guarding cover around the dangerous parts


Pressing machinery 

       Separate device before recoiling machinery
                 Pressing machinery to help tighten the strip when recoiling 

       -so that recoiled coil is tight
                 Pressing machinery is very important part in the recoiling process
                 With compartment wheel as per the slitting strip numbers 


5T*1250mm hydraulic re-coiler with coil car

       Load Capacity: Max. 5Tons, Coil Width Max.1250mm

       Manual feeding the separated coils to the re-coiler inner hole

       Pneumatic cylinder to press, with compartment wheel

       Hydraulic system to expand coil inner hole, Taper wedge expand system

       Hydraulic motor: 3KW

       Coil Inner-diameter= 508mm;

       Coil Outer-diameter Max.1300mm

       There is a separated device to hold the head of the sheet when re-coiling start, 

       -and then become loosen when un-load the coil from the re-coiler.

       Retarding motor for re-coiling, Motor:3KW with automatic rotation 

       -speed control for re-coiling

       Manual packing the separated coils before un-loading, 

       -to avoid coil become loose when stop to be packed

       -Coil car to un-load the coils from the mandrel


PLC control system   


         Control the recoiling automatically

         Combined with: PLC, Touch Screen, Inverter,

         Encoder, etc

         Cut-to-length tolerance≤±2 mm

         Control voltage 24V