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Home >Leveler/Slitting/Shearing Machine/0.4-1.2mm x1250
Leveler/Slitting/Shearing Machine/0.4-1.2mm x1250



5T x 1250 Hydraulic De-coiler

                      Expansion pattern: hydraulic power, pump motor power:3.0kw

Frequency variation to control speed change,mmotor power3.0kw

Maximum turning linear speed can achieve 25m/min (when coil  smallest)

Wedge-type expansion system

 Load capacity = Max.5Tons

 Inner-diameter range= 510±30 mm,

             Potentiometer housing and loop arm 

         for adjusting coil sheet up/down to match the speed between

         the de-coiler and rolling machine


      Slitting-Shearing Machine


      Leveler with 4 over 3 shafts to remove the Coil sheet

     Leveler & slitting motor: 3KW;

     Electric guillotine, Main Motor=2.2KW;

     Working width: MAX.1250mm; work thickness: 0.4-1.2mm;

    Slitting width adjustable by manual

    Total four sets slitting tools;


    PLC control system

    Control the quantity & cutting length automatically.
    Combined with: PLC, inverter, Touch Screen, Encoder, etc
    Cut-to-length tolerance≤±2 mm
    Control voltage 24V